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Pentti Leskinen

The multitalent of design

Pentti Leskinen (1929 - 2005) worked as a silversmith and painter before his career as an industrial designer. When he started studying industrial design, Leskinen was quite a successful artist, but he felt that ”products for the hands of all nation” were calling him. After graduating as an industrial designer, Leskinen kept quiet about his visual artist period, because he did not want to become known as an "ex-artist". Instead, he was proud of his silversmith skills and he experienced that he was also able to use them at industrial design. Utilizing his handicrafts skills, he could be able to manufacture all objects and miniature models he had drawn.

Pentti Leskinen graduated as an industrial designer at the School of Arts and Design in 1966. The years after graduating he operated in interior architect and engineering offices with industrial design and product development. In 1973 he established his own industrial design agency, Tuotesuunnittelu Pentti Leskinen, for product development and model building. During his career, Leskinen participated in different projects of industrial design, of which the most significant one was the cooperation with Exel Oy that started in 1973 in the development team of the successful pole family.

Silenta hearing protectors

Exel ski poles

Fastbind glue binding

Visual arts
& jewlery design