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Industrial designers web exhibition

Have you ever wondered, who has designed an everyday product you are using, such as a fridge or television? When the product works like it should work, nobody pays attention to the design. Design is not only about giving the aesthetic look to objects, as the industrial designer's fingerprint reaches much deeper. The designer operates as the user's representative in the design process, therefore the designer needs to observe for example the usability and serviceability of the equipment.

This FIDA's web exhibition is for everyone who is interested in design. The exhibition introduces top professionals of industrial design, whose contributions lead to better usability, better competitive strength and better products for us.

We would like to thank all designers who participated in the exhibition!



We have selected four significant products or product families from each designer's career for the exhibition. By clicking the designer’s photos on the front page, you get to know more about the designers. The links to the products are at the bottom of the designer's own page. You can switch between different sections and also return to the designer’s homepage.

You can enlarge the pictures by clicking on them. At the same time you will also open a caption that tells more about the product and its design.

Created by

Exhibition texts and picture design: Sari Muinonen
Graphic design and technical implementation: Aalto Oy / Ilpo Aalto ja Timo Silonsaari
Proofreading: Sari Rasa
Translations in English: Mirka Kiljala



The industrial designer web exhibition is compiled based on the Finnish Industrial Design Archives, FIDA. The following archives were used as references for the web exhibition:


Aaltonen, Sanna & Mäkikalli, Maija 2008. Rami, Tapsu, Jommi, Muumi ja muut muistelijat. Teoksessa Simola, Sanna & Mäkelä, Marjukka (toim.) Tunnetko teolliset muotoilijat.


Design Forum 1/1989, 2/1989, 2/1990, 1/1991, 1/1993
Muoto 4/1993



Blomsted, Anssi 2003. The industrial designer of the year 2003 Juhani Salovaara – participatory design from four decades.


Finnish Industrial Design Archives (FIDA) was established to promote the research of industrial design. FIDA collects and stores documents and objects from Finnish industrial and user-oriented designers, design agencies and design-intensive companies. FIDA operates in conjunction with the Central Archives of Finnish Business Records, and its operation is financed by the special assistance of Ministry of Education and Culture.
FIDA offers an opportunity to research material in the researcher room for everyone who is interested in design. In addition, FIDA introduces people and stories behind the products with these exhibitions and web-services. FIDA also accepts students and visitors to learn more about design and the functions of the archives.

Contact information:

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Tutkijantie 7
50100 Mikkeli
tel. 015 321 340

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