Pekka Loiri

Loiri is considered to be one of the pioneers in Finnish poster art. In addition to designing posters, Loiri’s expertise includes book graphics, designing comprehensive corporate images and designing logos and logograms.

Pekka Loiri has studied at the graphic art school of Aukusti Tuhka in 1971—1972. Before establishing his own studio, he worked as a designer in marketing agencies and as an Art Director in a publication company. He established his own graphic design company, “Studio Pekka Loiri” in 1983.

Loiri has lectured widely since 1980s. He has worked as the teacher and principle in the MG school in 1983—1997 and lecturer at University School of Arts, Design and Architecture in 1983—1997. In addition, he has lectured at art universities in all the Nordic countries and at Krakow Art Academy. Loiri has participated in the world’s most remarkable poster exhibitions, and his posters can be found in dozens of poster collections around the world. His work has been published in several publications and he has operated as a judge in several Finnish and international competitions. Since 2004 Loiri has operated as the president of Lahti poster triennale.

Loiri has received the Finnish State Award for Arts in 1984 and the Lion of Finland Pro Finlandia medal in 2010. He was chosen as the Graphic Designer of the Year in 1991 and he was rewarded with the Platinum award in 2009. Some of Loiri’s international awards are e.g. a gold medal in New York’s theatre poster competition in 1991, the first prize in Colorado’s poster biennale in 1993, honorary mention in Osnabrück Theatre Plakat Biennale in 1997, The Icograda Excellence Award in the international poster biennale of Helsinki in 1997, Grand Prix AUG design Global Crises poster exhibition in 2009 and several gold medals in the competitions of Graphis Posters publication. Loiri is an honorary member of the Union of Designers and Aalto University, and a member of Honorary Council of BICM, Mexico.

Pekka Loiri henkilökuva mv

Pekka Loiri

Loiri julisteet Shigeo Tapsa

Hommage á Shigeo Fukuda & Tapani Aartomaa (2010)

Loiri julisteet Shakes AS YOU

Shakespeare as you like (2008)

Loiri Julisteet Typotools

Typotools - A Poster for Typography Seminar (2007)

Loiri SacraFamig

Sacra Famiglia (2016)

Loiri julisteet Dansk

Dansk Plakat Museum (2009)