Linja Design

Linja Design was set up in Helsinki in 1986 as the daughter company of the Turku-based design agency Ergonomiadesign. One of Linja’s first projects was to design a dive computer for Suunto. Designing a device to be used in a challenging, underwater environment shaped Linja Design’s future direction, as the designers at Linja found designing interactive devices to be more challenging and exciting than designing something like furniture or tableware.

In 2002, Eljas Perheentupa, the founder and main owner of Linja Design, was chosen as the Industrial Designer of the Year. Granting the award, the Finnish Association of Industrial Designers praised Linja Design for successfully combining user interface design and product design. Indeed, Linja was among the first design agencies to demonstrate that these two go hand-in-hand. Linja’s expertise has been instrumental in helping companies such as Suunto make a name for themselves in the international market. Since 2006, Linja Design has focused solely on designing software instead of traditional product design, and takes digital products and services from concept creation to production.

In addition to the Suunto dive computers and sports watches, the Linja Design archives also include many drawings and photographs of products such as Helkama home appliances, Lynx snowmobiles and RAY slot machines.


11555 018 2 Suunto

Outdoor computer, Suunto Oy (1997)


11555 003 2 Suunto

Diving computer, Suunto Oy


11555 Lynx NordtrackOy

Lynx snowmobile, Nordtrac Oy


11555 Olutvankkurit mainos Sinebrychoff

Koff Beer wagon, Sinebrychoff


11555 Pajatso RAY

Payazzo, RAY (1994)


Linja Design

Helkama Design concept


11555 000052 021 Linja

Sketches of travel trailers, Matkaaja Oy