Kaisa Blomstedt

Kaisa Blomstedt’s collection includes the design for the Aikamatka 2012 exhibition. The materials are in digital format.

Kaisa Blomstedt, interior architect (SIO), was born in Helsinki in 1947. Blomsted is a well-known interior design professional with a long and extensive career. She set up her first interior architecture firm in 1970. Blomstedt has designed the interiors of many hotels, restaurants, shops and offices around Helsinki. She is also an internationally recognized lecturer and instructor. Two books have been published about her work, and she has been interviewed for several design magazines. Aikamatka 2012, a large exhibition designed by Kaisa Blomstedt, was presented at the Habitare fair in September 2012.

Aikamatka 2012 is a comprehensive overview of the history of Finnish design and interiors from the 1950s to this day. The exhibition was designed to move on from one decade to another in a series of six rooms, where each room was styled according to the decade in question, complete with objects, materials and even the sounds.

“I hope that the Aikamatka exhibition will first and foremost be a nostalgic experience. This exhibition is also a form of time travel for me personally, since I have been designing interiors for Finnish homes and following the trends of the various decades for a living since the 1970s. This exhibition is a tribute to all the designers and manufacturers who have created our reputation as one of the best design countries in the world,” says Kaisa Blomstedt about her exhibition.


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