Jukka Vaajakallio

Jukka Vaajakallio's (b. 1949) design philosophy in a summary: ”Good design does not mean a better-looking product but a better product”. Vaajakallio has always emphasized the functionality over fashion and outer appearance, because he thinks that the designer works as the representative of users in the product development project. He has stuck to this principle, although his way of thinking has not always promoted his career with new clients. Vaajakallio is proud of all his long-term customer partners with whom he experiences that he has created ”something that was never seen before”.

Jukka Vaajakallio has an experience of four decades of industrial design, which he has achieved by working with products in workshop, electronics and plastic industry. After graduating as an industrial designer at the School of Arts in 1975, Vaajakallio worked as the lead designer, first at Oy Lohja Ab's Finlux factory and then at Lohja Display Electronics. Since 1985 he has managed an industrial design agency operating in Lohja, Vaajakallio Design Oy, which offers comprehensive product development services from product design to user interfaces and mechanical engineering.


Jukka Vaajakallio pikkukuva

Jukka Vaajakallio


11354 TAPC4040 Lohja

Drafts of TAPC 4040 hifi centre, Oy Lohja Ab (1975)


11354 003 Finlux Lohja

Finlux television, draft, Oy Lohja Ab (1977)


11354 Kannettava tietokone puumalli Lohja

A wooden model of a laptop, Oy Lohja Ab (1983)


11354 131 Gradient Avanti

Gradient Avanti loudspeakers, models, Gradient Oy


11354 Finndent

A dentist´s chair, Findent


11354 Salla kylmatiski Norpe

Salla cold counter, Norpe (1996)