Forma Finlandia


The concept for the plastics design competition Forma Finlandia was created in the mid-1980s to promote the corporate image aims of Neste, a company that was in the process of becoming more international, as well as to increase the acceptability and environmental awareness of the use of plastics. Forma Finlandia was an international design competition seeking to find new uses for plastics. The competition was organized and sponsored by Neste and watched over by the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design. The Forma Finlandia competition projects consisted of two main elements: the actual plastics design competition and the utilization programme, which included exhibitions of the best entries to the competition as well as press conferences and customer events.

The first Forma Finlandia (FF 1) was held in 1986–1987 to mark the 75th birthday of the Finnish Association of Designers Ornamo. The competition was open to design and interior design professionals, students, and other interested parties. The competition entries were required to be new and previously unseen products that were either completely or mostly made out of plastic. FF 1 was a success, and the competition was held again in 1989–1991 and 1992–1994. Because the first competition had aroused interest mainly within the designer community, the organizers wanted to make the competition broader and to redefine the Forma Finlandia target audience. Hence, there were two categories in the second and third competition. Category A, “Future Challengers”, was meant for new product design ideas, making it equivalent to FF 1. Category B, “The Best Plastics Products in the World”, was meant for plastics products that had been in production for no more than three years. Only designers could participate in the first category, and only companies manufacturing plastics products could participate in the second category.


Forma Finlandia

Forma Finlandia 2nd Prize


11405 86 phonebook

Phonebook multi-function phone, Designer: Lisa Krohn,

Forma Finlandia 1st Prize, Year 1989


11405 88 metropolis

Metropolis -hifi centre, Designer: Team Meta-Moderne,

Forma Finlandia 2nd Prize, Year 1991 


11405 94 wind midi controller

Wind Midi Controller Wx 7 saxophone, Designer:

Yasuhiro Kira, Forma Finlandia 1st Prize, Year1991


11405 00093 ompelukone

Sewing machine, Designers: Corrine Chiapello, Renete

Eilert and Loïs Perois, Forma Finlandia 3rd Prize, Year 1991


11405 89 lizard

Lizard tricycle, Designer: Julian Pahlow, Forma Finlandia

2nd Prize, Year 1991


11405 95 novopen

Novopen II insulin syringe, Designer: Sams Design,

Forma Finlandia 2nd Prize, year 1991