Erkki Ruuhinen

Erkki Ruuhinen, Emeritus Artist Professor of Design, is one of the most internationally recognized graphic designers in Finland. He has played a key role in raising the profile of Finnish graphic design. In addition to his active and extensive design work, he has also written and given lectures about graphic design and acted as a judge in industry competitions. He has been involved in establishing several design-related events: The Best of Finnish Advertising and Design competition, The Best Campaigns of the Year competition, and the Graphic Designer of the Year Award. In 1985, Erkki Ruuhinen was the first designer to be awarded the Graphic Designer of the Year Award. And in 1986, Ruuhinen was awarded the Platinum Prize in the Best of Finnish Advertising and Design competition. He has twice been the recipient of the Finnish State Prize for Applied Arts, in 1969 and 1989.

Since 1966, Ruuhinen has actively participated in international exhibitions of graphic design, posters, typography and calligraphy, and has earned many national and international professional prizes and awards. Ruuhinen’s posters, typography and calligraphy are part of several museums’ collections internationally.

Erkki Ruuhinen began his studies at the Art Director School in 1964. In the years following his graduation, Ruuhinen worked as a designer at advertising agency SEK, after which he moved on to work as a designer at the advertising agency Anderson & Lembke in 1975, becoming a partner in 1977. In 1983, he set up his own company, Erkki Ruuhinen Design, which specialized in graphic design, corporate graphics and company visual identity design and consulting. Over the course of his career, Erkki Ruuhinen has designed many logos, re-designed the visual identity of several companies, as well as created posters for films and cultural events. Of the film posters designed by Ruuhinen, the most internationally well-known are the two posters designed for Ingmar Bergman’s Oscar-winning film Fanny and Alexander in 1982.

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Erkki Ruuhinen

Erkki Ruuhinen


Fanny Alexande B1

The pair of posters designed for Ingmar Bergman’s

Oscar-winning film Fanny and Alexander in 1982.


11628 Liikemerkit vuosilta 1970 2000

Company logos from 1970–2000


11628 Poriginal Jazz

The red poster from a series of three posters designed in 1985


11628 Who will be next one

Who Will Be The Next One? Team: Erkki Ruuhinen,

Pekka Råman, Seppo Näränen, Kaj G. Lindholm


11628 Naisenkuvia

Naisenkuvia movie poster