Ergoplan Oy and Raimo Nikkanen

Raimo Nikkanen (b. 1946) aimed at sustainability in his design solutions. The construction materials of his designs consist of good usability and comfortable user experience, clear and harmonic entities, timeless product graphics and flexible and affordable production methods. Already the name of Nikkanen's design agency, Ergoplan Oy, tells about his key approach: ergonomics and usability. He has been the key person in the application of the ergonomics research as well as product development and the work of an industrial designer.

Raimo Nikkanen graduated as an industrial designer at the School of Arts and Design in 1972. Later on, he continued his studies in England and did his M. Sc. of ergonomics at the Loughborough University of Technology. Nikkanen started consult business for design in the beginning of 1970s, and he has been developing hospital technology, furniture systems and kitchen appliances among others. Nikkanen is best known for his 25 year long career as the Arts and Design professor of the Aalto University. He has developed the education of design in a significant manner and influenced significantly on the international networking of the university. Nikkanen's distinguished work as the teacher of industrial design and his experience as a design entrepreneur was awarded with the Industrial Designer of the year in 1993, SVR R I honour and silver Estlander medal in 2012.


Nikkanen Raimo kuva

Raimo Nikkanen


11430 Helkama Liesi Forste

A drawing of the Helkama cooker and hood, Forste Oy


11430 Datex

SATELITE Trans monitor, Datex Oy


11430 Soredex

Scanora X-ray tomography, Soredex Oy


11430 Helkama Forste

Helkama freezer-fridge, Forste Oy


11430 Metos

A product family of institutional kitchen appliances, Metos Oy


11430 106 Koulukalusto

Desk and chair, Oy Koulukalusto Oy


11430 Airam

Vacuum jug, Airam Oy